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Charlie Joseph 

His mind-boggling magical illusions — like “The Incredible Expanding & Shrinking Head" and unexplainable penetrations through a “Magic Mirror” — combined with amazing sleight-of-hand effects, have thrilled and entertained people of all ages throughout the Mid-Atlantic region since 1996. 

His unique, disarming, self-effacing humor has endeared him to thousands. Charlie's stage shows and walk-about magic have brought laughter and confusion to crowds aboard Cape-Lewes May Ferry’s Family Fun Cruises — including the Republican National Convention in 2000 — and at scores of community events, corporate functions, fundraisers and private parties. 

A native of Lewes, Delaware, he is currently president of Delaware Knights of Magic, the oldest magic club in the United States. 

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Conceptual Misdirections: 
A discussion between modern day mindbenders (written by Dan Cain - Mentalist)
Conceptual Misdirections Book Signing
Charlie, Illusionist Dan Cain, Psychic Donna Messina

Book Description

Publication Date: January 2, 2013

A Magician, a Medium, and a Mentalist. 

Who would have thought they could sit down 

and have a constructive conversation? 

Well, Mentalist Dan Cain did, and this book 

is word-for-word the conversation they had.

The conversation between these three 

Modern Day Mind Benders travels from 

professional opinions to religious 

and spiritual perspectives.

Did you ever want to be a "fly on the wall" 

during a one-of-a-kind conversation? 

Now is your chance.